What the Experts Say

We are privileged to work with some of the most brilliant and innovative minds in the world. Our Advisory Board includes sports scientists, professors, MD’s, engineers, and nutritionists. We work together to deliver the most up to date biomarker tracking to help athletes optimize performance.

Meet our Experts:

Masimo - Johnathan Edwards MD
“As a physician, family man and athlete, Doc Edwards knows what it takes to compete and excel at today’s levels of competition.  He’s a high performance medical professional and nutritionist for Olympic, professional and amateur athletes alike. For the past 20 years Doc Edwards has been developing his system for athletes and patients which includes education, individualized programs, dietary changes, [...] Read More >
Johnathan Edwards
Masimo - Sue Kleiner headshot
“The Masimo MightySat device can be an integral component to any athlete’s recovery and repair regimen. It is exciting to have a device on the market now that gives an athlete and their coach key insights into how their body is responding to training load and intensity.” Dr. Susan Kleiner is a titan in sports nutrition. Her seminal research on [...] Read More >
Susan M. Kleiner
Masimo - Eric Sternlicht headshot
“I use the MightySat both in the lab and field. The MightySat provides students with state-of-the-art technology they will be using in their profession, whether in the performance or health care fields. Using the MightySat’s heart rate, respiratory rate and SpO2 with the athlete’s I consult with, allows me to track their progress and modify their training programs much more [...] Read More >
Eric Sternlicht
President - Simply Fit, Inc.
Masimo - Dixon - Headshot
“As the craft and science of coaching gets more and more complex, getting accurate and noninvasive data from my athletes helps me better understand their needs. MightySat is a tool that can be used daily to better understand what those needs are.” Patrick Dixon is the Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance at Loyola Marymount University. At LMU, he oversees [...] Read More >
Patrick Dixon
Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance at Loyola Marymount University