Professional Athletes

Taylor Fritz with racket
“Playing on court for hours in the heat takes a real toll on my body, both mentally and physically. My MightySat provides accurate data that allow me to track how my body is holding up which is a huge advantage.”
Taylor Fritz
Professional Tennis Player on the ATP Tour
MPH - Michael Andrew- Head Up
“The MightySat Pulse Oximeter is what finally gives me the data I need as an elite athlete to determine my levels of fatigue with extreme accuracy! I use the MightySat Pulse Oximeter because there is no other way for me to measure my fatigue levels and to learn about my body when training or recovering with as much ease and [...] Read More >
Michael Andrew
Phenom Swimmer - Headed to 2020 Olympic Games- Swimming world calls him "next Michael Phelps"
Masimo Personal Health - Brian Rowe - Soccer
Biography coming soon
Brian Rowe
Professional Soccer Player, Goalkeeper for LA Galaxy
Heather Jackson - Crossing Finish line
“My Masimo MightySat Pulse Oximeter has become an absolute staple in my everyday routine training for Ironman triathlons. I train 3, 4, sometimes 5 sessions a day and it’s so important to track how well I’m recovering in between sessions and then from each day to the next. From monitoring if my pulse rate is still booming from my last [...] Read More >
Heather Jackson
Professional Triathlete, 2 Time Ironman Champion, 8 Time Ironman 70.3 Champion
Masimo - Joe Gambles - Triathlete
“As a professional Ironman triathlete, a vegetarian, and someone who lives at a high altitude, I have a lot of things to monitor all of which impacts my training and performance. It is essential that I maintain a balance between the stress of training and the recovery needed to optimize my performance and compete at the highest level. The MightySat [...] Read More >
Joe Gambles
Professional Triathlete
Lauren Fendrick
“MightySat allows me to accurately track key biometrics and maximize my training by enabling me to my ability to recover on a day-to-day basis.”
Lauren Fendrick
Professional Beach Volleyball athlete and 2016 Olympian
Brooke Sweat
“Nothing assists me in my game-day readiness and preparation like the data the Masimo MightySat device gives me. I have learned to rely on this powerful little tool to help me prepare my mind and body for an Olympic level performance every time.”
Brooke Sweat
Professional Beach Volleyball athlete and 2016 Olympian
“Sometimes matches are won by a few points, and I need every breath to count. MightySat helps me perform at my best.”
Coco Vandeweghe
Professional Tennis Player on the WTA Tour
Dotsie Bausch
“I use Masimo pulse oximetry as part of my Olympic training and recovery regimen. By tracking my oxygenation and pulse rate – along with numerous other biophysical and behavioral metrics – I use data to measure and improve my athletic performance and gauge my recovery.”  
Dotsie Bausch
Olympic Silver Medalist - Women’s Team Pursuit Cycling, London 2012 Olympics
Andrea Hlaváčková
“MightySat gives me accurate data that helps me train smarter and perform better in court.”
Andrea Hlaváčková
Professional Tennis Player on the WTA Tour
Stig Severinsen
“Training for extreme records under extreme conditions is always a huge challenge. In such situations, it is of great value to be able to perform noninvasive and accurate measurements of my heart rate and oxygen saturation levels with a state-of-the-art device.”
Stig Severinsen, PhD
Freediver, Guinness Book of World Records Holder for Longest Underwater Breath Hold at 22 Minutes
MPH - Zach Osborne
“MightySat is the first thing I reach for each morning when I wake up. This device gives me accurate data to gauge my recovery so that I can train accordingly. When race day comes, I am ready thanks to MightySat.”
Zach Osborne
Supercross/Moto X Champion
Anna Tunnicliffe
“When you work out and push yourself to your limit every day, you feel tired regularly but using the Masimo MightySat allows me to really track when I am low on resources vs. just tired. The data it gives me has helped improve my training and allows my coach and I to work on scheduling rest days much better than [...] Read More >
Anna Tunnicliffe
2008 Olympic GOLD Medalist - Sailing, Crossfit Champion
Michi Weiss
“In addition to knowing my body, accurate innovative measuring tools quantify my true state of recovery. I trust and rely on the new MightySat fingertip pulse oximeter daily to manage my training load.”
Michi Weiss
Olympian and Ironman Champion
“I have been using the MightySat for a while now and really see how the data makes a difference in how I recover! I can put the device on my finger and instantly get readings to let me know how my body is holding up. Be Happy. Be Humble. Be Strong.”  
Ben Stoneberg
Crossfit Games Champion