Amateur Athletes

“I use the data from the Masimo MightySat to test out if I am recovering so I know when to train hard to peak for competition. The MightySat is an awesome tool to use if you want to maximize your performance.”
Antoinette Padilla
Extreme Fitness and Nutrition LLC CEO and Founder Head Personal Trainer, Professional Athlete, USATF Track & Field Level 1, Fitness Model, USATF Track & Field Official
Masimo - Maggie Coles
“Competing at the World Championships in multi-disciplines of cycling forces me to balance my racing, training and recovery. Being able to monitor what’s going on inside my body by using the MightySat, takes the guesswork out of how my body is responding on a day-to-day basis.”
Maggie Coles-Lyster
Five-time gold medalist, 2016 Canadian Junior Track Championship
“The Masimo MightySat has changed the way I train and compete in a ‘Mighty’ way. Knowing how my body is reacting to my training as well as how my body recovers from it is a critical benefit. Because I know this information, I can now modify my training the proper way and thus enhance my performance; taking it to the [...] Read More >
John Porter Jr.
USA Masters Track and Field Athlete, Masimo Ambassador, CW-X Compression Athlete, EPIQ Results Ambassador, SpiderTech Athlete, Personal Trainer
“I have been using the MightySat for 2 months now and I am amazed at how accurate it is and how critical the data has become in my training regimen. It is the first thing I reach for each morning. Along with the Masimo app, I can track and record everything I need to help my coach and I make [...] Read More >
Elvys Reyes
Track and Road Endurance Cyclist
“I train very, very hard and ever since I lost my leg, my desire and dedication to training has risen exponentially. The Masimo MightySat data is guiding me in my training and recovery process on my road to the Paralympic Games in 2020, where I hope to be competing in my beloved sport of triathlon.”
Sean Culp
Amateur Para-Triathlete dreaming for the Paralympic Games in 2020
Addyson Albershardt
“I believe the MightySat is going to be a game changer in the Sports Technology arena. Right now, it is still a secret used by some, but the more people I explain this mighty device to, the more people that are blown away by it’s capabilities. I can not believe I finally have a tool to accurately measure my daily [...] Read More >
Addyson Albershardt
MPH - Maximus Vohland - Race
“I started training a couple of years ago with my father who also raced motocross achieving 3rd in the world, 3rd in the MX nationals and won multiple supercross events. He introduced me to his way of training, which utilizes a standard heart monitor. This seems to work well, but as my level of training increased, I found myself sometimes [...] Read More >
Maximus Vohland