“I believe the MightySat is going to be a game changer in the Sports Technology arena. Right now, it is still a secret used by some, but the more people I explain this mighty device to, the more people that are blown away by it’s capabilities. I can not believe I finally have a tool to accurately measure my daily recovery or lack thereof! I use the SpO2 value each day to make key decisions on my training regimen and I use the Respiration value to measure how quickly I am recovering after tough intervals or after an entire, intense workout. This helps me make choices on if my body is capable of undergoing a second QUALITY training session for the day. Lastly, I am loving the PVI value, as I begin to track my data daily and know my baseline PVI, I am able to understand how my increased breathing effort is affecting my recovery and if I am dehydrated or not. MightySat is MY secret weapon.”

Addyson Albershardt